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a)     HOUSTON METRO STATION, 1900 Main, Suite 8133, Houston, TX, W. Mark Phillips (281) 380-4166, lightning damage to catenaries and substation equipment.

b)     GENSCAPE, 1140 Garvin Place Louisville, KY,    Jason Fuchs (502) 292-4646, lightning damage to tower cameras and equipment at tower base.

c)     Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool/ Attorney at Law, 3200 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, Tommy Gillaspie (713) 877-1112, Lightning damage to Oil Tanks lawsuit

d)     Facility Programming & Consulting, 100 W Houston St, San Antonio, TX, Bryan Sibille (210) 228-9600, Revised the National Weather Service Manual 30-4106 section on Lightning Protection, Grounding, Bonding, Shielding, and Surge Protection Requirements.

e)     Lake Park Marina, Town Hall, 535 Park Ave, Lake Park FL, Joann Robin (561) 801-0287, Research possible tower damage from planned location of a tower near a Marina.

f)     Byron Public Library, 3486 E Whitaker Rd., Byron, IL, Rich Pleniewicz (815) 222-7694, Lightning and Protection Audit of library complex

g)     United Illuminating, Orange, CT, John Ivanisin (860) 982-1363

h)     Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Mayport Navel Station, Jacksonville, FL, Edward Morai, 443-845-6302, Lightning Protection and Grounding Audit for Magnetic Silencing Facility (MSF) 

i)     Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWCCD), Bethesda MD, Bryan Martin 703-489-8921, Two day Advanced Lightning and Grounding Seminar

j)     DRS C3 & Aviation Company, Gaithersburg MD, John Townsend 267-495-9507, FAA-Std. 019E support for bid on border towers, applying up to date knowledge on Lightning and equipment building hardening from lightning strike damage

k)      Columbia County Evans Georgia, Lewis Foster 706-312-7325, Lightning Tower Audit of 6 towers and grounding and electrical protection hardening of the 6 equipment buildings.

l)     DYMAX Engineering, Ann Arbor MI, Glenn Keates P.E. 734-730-2855, Lightning Switchyard Audit to prevent generator shutdown from lightning entering switchyard from the high voltage transmission lines

m)     Utility Design Services (UDS), Edwardsville IL, Chad Boeving 618-797-5269, two day advanced Lightning and Protection Training Seminar

n)      Boy Scouts of America Jamboree Facilities at Mt Hope West Virginia, Charlotte Sturgis 304-877-7914, detailed lightning audit of jamboree facilities on Mt Hope, WV with recommendations to minimize lightning exposure to mountain facilities

o)      Occidental Permian LTD, Ron Turner 281-785-6031 provide recommendations on lightning protection to non-metallic storage tanks that were destroyed from lightning strikes

p)     Premier Storage, Huntsville Alabama, Mark Russell 256-797-4482, Crown Castle Tower Ground Potential Rise (GPR) damage to storage units requiring special grounding of tower and electrical protection of electronic entry equipment

q)      American Tower, Ken Gilbert 919-466-5183 / two day training on grounding and lightning protection

r)   Holy Cross Electric Association Inc., Glenwood Springs, CO, Kevin Milner 970-947-5427

s)     Prime Electric, Inc. , Ernest Randolph, Indian Hills, Colorado/ Lightning Protection of home on top of mountain

t)     FBI-Houston, Texas, Joe Gothard, 281-413-8774, 1 Justice Drive, Houston, TX 77092, two day training course on lightning protection of tower communications locations

u)     Hawaiian Electric (HECO), 820 Ward Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96814/Contact Robert Thompson, Engineering Manager (808) 543-7598

              (1) Two day Electrical Protection & Grounding Seminar (17) attendees

v)     Progress Energy, 200 Lucent Lane, Cary NC 27518/Contact Marty Caviness, Engineering Manager (919) 971-596    Two day Electrical Protection & Grounding Seminar (16) attendees

w)      South Mississippi Electric, 3492 Hwy 42, Hattiesburg, MS 39402/Contact Kelly Massa Communications Design Engineer (601) 580-6222

(1)  Grounding & Electrical Protection Audit of 5 tower sites and 1 substation tower location

(2)  Engineering design report with recommendations

x)     Middleton Inc., I-30S, Bryant, AR 72022/Contact Jeff Hunter, Tower Operations Field Manager, (501) 765-8788

(1) Two day Electrical Protection & Grounding Seminar                    

y)      WSIL-TV, 1416 Country Aire Dr., Cartersville, IL 62918/Contact Patrick Victoria, Chief Engineer (618) 925-6394

(1)  TV tower, camera and equipment building grounding

(2)  Electrical protection of equipment and power entrance facilities

z)     WestStar TV, Ltd, 43 Eclipse Drive, Grand Cayman, KY1-1205, Contact General Manager Darryl Hather (345) 745-0112

(1)  TV tower, camera and equipment building grounding

(2)  Electrical protection of equipment and power entrance facilities

aa)     NexGen Energy Partners, LLC, 12303 Airport Way, Suite 200, Broomfield, CO 80021, Contact Executive VP Bruce R. Bredickas Jr. (303) 440-6262, Cell (717) 5428797

(1)  Wind turbine grounding, electrical protection of equipment and turbine blade protection from direct lightning strikes (four cases audited in Ohio)

(2)  Turbine blade protection from lightning strikes using ‘Inhibitor’ Air Terminal technology from Lightning Electrotechnologies Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

bb)   Ameren Services, 1901 Chouteau, MC 620, St. Louis, MO 63103/Contact Mr. Andy Morian, Network Engineer (314) 609-5521

(1)  Tower and equipment building grounding audits

(2)  Lightning and Grounding Standard

(3)  Training/2 day Seminar

cc)     Advanced Moving & Storage, Inc., 7963 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL 32311/Contact Mr. Steve Chaires (850)556-8877

            (1) Electrical Protection and grounding for electronic equipment from a close proximity Verizon Cell Tower that was causing damaging GPR from tower lightning strikes

dd)     Rohde & Schwarz, Inc., 1500 Lakeside Pkwy, Ste 100, Flower Mound, TX 75028/Contact Mr. Hans Peter Bauer (469) 713-5332

            (1) Lightning strike protection for an RF Absorber Wall using special air terminals (200kV F-SAT) that ensure lightning leader contact to the terminal

ee)     Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc., 1740 S Chugach Street, Palmer, AK 99645/Contact Mr. Jim Gage (907) 761-2544

            (1) Electrical Protection & Grounding of an Ocean fiber optic cable and manhole termination

ff)  Jo-Carroll Energy/SandPrairie Wireless, 793 Route 20 West, Elizabeth IL 61028/Contact Mr. Jeff Harrelson (800) 858-5522 Ex: 1336

            (1) Electrical Protection and grounding specifications for broadband services provided from towers, water tanks, distribution poles, FM antennas and the associated equipment buildings and equipment cabinets

gg) Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB), 500 East 4th Street, Eugene OR 97401/Contact Mr. Mark Zinniker (541) 685-7449

(1) Electrical Protection and Grounding Specifications for Headquarters Communications Building and Tower, and two remote mountain tower sites          

hh)  CH2M HILL Inc, 2300 NW Walnut Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97339/Contact Mr. Bill Peterschmidt (541) 768-3458

            (1) Electrical Protection and Grounding Specifications for three mountain communication building and tower sites in support of EWEB.

ii) General Dynamics, 8201 E. McDowell Road, Scottsdale AZ 85257/Contact Mr. Harry Gaul, P.E. (480) 441-5321

(1) Air terminal design on 2000 foot towers to prevent damage to dipole antennas from direct hits and side flash

jj)  KRIV TV FOX News Tower Houston Texas, 5034 McHard Road, Missouri City TX 77489/Contact Mr. Robert Byrne (713) 302-2777

(1) Grounding and electrical protection assessment for the KRIV TV tower to minimize VSWR trips from lightning strikes

kk)   Electronics Research, Inc., 7777 Gardner Road, Chandler, IN 47610/Contact Mr. Ron Lile (812) 925-6000 Ex 252

(1) Grounding and electrical protection assessment for the KRIV TV tower, FOX News Houston Texas

ll) Contran Corporation, 5430 LBJ Fwy., Suite 1700, Dallas, TX 75240/Contact Mr. Eb Redford (970) 946-3016

            (1) Grounding & Electrical Protection Specification for tower and equipment building

mm) Beech Ridge Wind Farm WV, Contact Mr. Donald Keef, (530) 223-1413, 1725 East Cypress Ave., Redding, CA 96002

            (1) Grounding design to minimize lightning damage to turbine and equipment

nn)    H.B. Robinson Nuclear Power Plant, 3581 W Entrance Rd, Hartsville, SC 29550/Contact Mr. Anthony Eason, P.E. (843) 857-1842

(1)  Ground Potential Rise (GPR) Assessment from lightning

(2)  Electrical protection and grounding design to prevent lightning induced GPR

oo)    Kimberly-Clark Corporation, 5600 Kimberly Way, Loudon TN 37774/Contact Mr. David Mabius (865) 755-3902, TM3 EE&E Coordinator

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment for Kimberly-Clark facility in Loudon, TN

pp) Hargrove Engineers & Contractors, 20 South Royal St, Mobile AL 36652/Contact Mr. Phil Hamilton (256) 432-4489, VP-North Atlantic Operations

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment for Kimberly-Clark facility in Loudon, TN

(2)  Kimberly-Clark/Contact Mr. Jerry Dougherty (865) 988-7144, Cell: (865) 755-0832

qq)    Seadrill Americas, Inc., 11210 Equity Drive, Suite 150, Houston TX 77041/Contact Mr. Adam Noecker (713) 329-2071, Cell: (713) 240-7185

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment for the West Sirius Oil Drilling Rig in the Gulf of Mexico

(2)  Assessments for Polaris Drill Ship and West Eminence Semi-Submersible Ram Rig in Brazil

rr)  Vantage Point Solutions, 2211 North Minnesota, Street, Mitchell, SD 57301/Contact Mr. Nathan Weber (605) 995-1747, Cell: (605) 999-6364

(1)     GPR Study evaluating the magnitude of the fault current, voltage potential of the ground grid, and distance to the 300 Volt-Point per IEEE Std. 487-2004

ss) Progress Energy, P.O. Box 1981, Raleigh, NC 27602/Contact Mr. Marty Caviness (919) 546-4072, Cell: (919) 971-5968

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment of a communications building and Hydroelectric Plant.  Report with recommendations, method guidelines, surge protection equipment, and grounding design to prevent further harm from lightning strokes

tt) Occidental Permian, Ltd., 5 Greenway Plaza, Suite 110, Houston TX 77046/Contacts:

i)      Mr. Ron Turner (281) 785-6031

ii)    Mr. Justin Saxon (806) 215-3636

iii)  Mr. Charlie Jividen (806) 215-0109

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment of an oil field containing, battery areas, wellheads of different types, towers, microwave communications, and water plants.  Development of a Lightning Protection Standard that will bring current oil removal operations up to standard and methods for all future installations        

uu) Tri-State G&T Association, Inc., 4331 Fulcrum Way NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87144/Contact: Mr. Mark Conner (303) 452-6111 ex 3834, Cell: (303) 945-1533

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment of microwave tower and equipment building on the top of Sandia Crest in Albuquerque, NM.  Report with recommendations and AutoCAD Drawings detailing method guidelines to protect communication and microwave equipment from lightning strike energy

vv) Bravado Inc., 1061 Maitland Center Commons, Suite 204, Maitland, FL 32751/Contact Mr. Victor Alas Jr.  (407) 831-1888, Cell: (321)277-8878

(1)  Design of a communications Central Office (CO) grounding system in Las Vegas, NV, containing high soil resistivity, that is located near a power substation

ww)   Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), S Street, Sacramento, CA 95817/Contact: Mr. Eric Fritz (916) 732-5988

(1)  Ground grid and electrical protection design for two substations, with detailed engineering and associated AutoCAD Drawings

(2)  Ground grid design for an ethanol filling station that is located close to a substation to prevent possible sparks and surge currents that could cause a fire

xx)   Alcatel/Lucent, Wireless Transmission Division, 3400 W. Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75075/Contact: Mr. Al Heisner (214) 287-7504

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment of 4 wireless cell sites in Louisiana

(2)  Report with recommendations, method guidelines, surge protection equipment, and grounding design to prevent further harm from lightning strokes

yy)    Dominion Energy, Brayton Point Station, Somerset, MA 02726/Contact: Mr. Mario Silvia (508) 646-5259

(1)  GPR Study evaluating the magnitude of the fault current, voltage potential of the ground grid, and distance to the 300 Volt-Point per IEEE Std. 487-2004

(2)  Determination of the earth potential at two specific locations where building installations were being considered

zz  LSP Energy, L.P., 200 Industrial Drive, Batesville, MS 38606/Contact: Mr. Jim Reeves (662) 563-1330 Ex. 25

(1)  Lightning, grounding and electrical protection assessment of a Power Plant

aaa) Carolina West Wireless, 119 Church View Lane, Wilkesboro, NC 28651/Contact: Mr. Greg Roark (336) 973-5575

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment of a communications building

(2)  Grounding and electrical protection recommendations that eliminated any further damage to equipment from lightning over the last 10 years                    

bbb)  Waste Management, 1001 Fannin Street, Suite 4000, Houston, TX 77002/Contact: Mr. James Kisiel, P.E. (713) 823-7068

(1)  Electrical protection assessment of a power plant utilizing audio-tone protective relaying and coordinating with Verizon, RFL, Dominion Power, and local personnel   

ccc) Global Technology Resources, Inc., 990 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80209/Contact Mr. Vince Varga (720) 746-7894, Cell: (303) 808-6783

(1)  Lightning, grounding, and electrical protection assessment of a microwave tower and equipment building on top of the mountains in Parachute, CO

(2)  Report with recommendations, method guidelines, surge protection equipment, grounding design and AutoCAD Drawings to prevent further harm from further lightning strokes

ddd) North Dakota Department of Transportation, 608 East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58505/Contact Ms. E. Diane Laub (701) 328-2575

(1)  Two day training seminar on the electrical protection of towers, equipment buildings from lightning stroke damage

eee)  NextG Networks, Inc., 2216 O’Toole Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131/Contact Ms. Norine Luker (408) 677-7240

(1)  Lightning strike probability assessment in the New Jersey area to power distribution poles with attached antenna equipment

fff)   Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), S Street, Sacramento, CA/Contact Mr. Jaspal Deol, P.E. (916) 732-5015

(1)  Elverta Substation grounding to prevent switching noise in control room

ggg)  Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), S Street, Sacramento, CA/Contact Mr. Eric Fritz (916) 732-5988

(1)  Video camera failures from power cable fault protection recommendations

hhh)   Kansas Turnpike Authority, 3939 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, KS 66609/Contact Mr. Roger Browning (785) 842-0226 ext: 3252, Cell: (785) 224-9108

(1)  Tower and Toll Booth lightning protection and grounding standard for the Kansas Turnpike

iii)  CIFR, Inc., P.O. Box 2459, Kirtland, WA 98083/Contact Mr. Chuck Paul (360) 863-9333

(1)  Lightning and grounding protection to CAMSS40EX Temporary Shelters

(2)  Installation kits developed for military installations

jjj)   Trillion Partners, 9208 Waterford Centre Blvd, Austin, TX 78758/Contact Mr. Steve Davis (512) 334-4103, Cell: (512) 484-2029 

(1)  Tower lightning and grounding standard for broadband services to schools

kkk)    Progress Energy, P.O. Box 1981, Raleigh, NC 27602/Contact Mr. Marty Caviness (919) 546-4072, Cell: (919) 971-5968

(1)  Tower and grounding audit for Methods Communications Building

(2)  Recommendations for tower grounding and entrance of coax cables

(3)  Note: no further lightning damage in the last two years

lll)   Tacoma Power, 3628 S. Street, Tacoma, WA 98409/Contact Joshua M. Kay, P.E. (253) 502-8285

(1)  Grounding and lightning protection study of the Wynoochee Dam

(2)  Lightning Protection and Grounding Standard for Tacoma Power

mmm)    Reliant Energy, P.O. Box 148, Houston, TX 77001/Contact Mr. James Elder (713) 497-6122, Cell: (832) 256-5177

(1)  GPR Study for the Mandalay Power Station, Oxnard, CA

nnn)  Texas Eastern Transmission (Duke Energy), 217 University Drive, Lemont Furnace, PA/Contact Mr. Rudy Mangini (724) 208-4202

(1)  Develop a Lightning and Grounding Standard, and specifically design grounding systems for Bakersville Tower Site and Holbrook Tower Site.

ooo)  Texas Eastern Transmission (Duke Energy), 1462 River Road, Marietta, PA/Contact Mr. Tom Talley (717) 329-7568

(1)  Design a lightning hardened grounding system for Grantville Microwave Tower Site

ppp)  Wesley United Methodist Church, 5302 Hwy 69S, Greenville, TX/Contact Bill Gannaway (903) 457-4582

(1)  Investigate electromagnetic wave damage from lightning strike to electronic equipment i.e.; microphones, video equipment, sound equipment, and organ

(2)  Develop a lightning protection system for building and equipment utilizing NFPA 780-2000 and a design of a Faraday Cage for the Organ electronics

qqq)  Matanuska Telephone Association, 1740 S. Chugach Street, Palmer, AK/Contact Mr. Jim Gage (907) 761-2544 & Contact Mr. Mitch Vieu (907) 761-2194

(1)  Design grounding systems for Remote Terminals placed in soil that has very high resistivity in order to protect communication equipment against lightning stroke  

rrr)  Greshman, Smith & Partners for the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation, 6750 Poplar Ave, Suite 100, Memphis TN 38138/Contact Mr. Rodney Chester, P.E. (901) 233-7734

(1)  Support RFP development for microwave tower grounding for Wireless Backbone Project IM-098-4(8)

sss)   SAIC Corporation, Systems Integration Division, 1227 S. Patrick Drive, Suite 110, Satellite Beach, FL/Contact Mr. Randy Straley (321) 779-6014

(1)  Support RFP development for grounding against lightning damage on projects for the Nuclear Test Band Treaty IMS Infrasound Stations in Hawaii and Argentina

ttt)     Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), S Street, Sacramento, CA/Contacts Mr. Urn Yeo (916) 813-6148 & Mr. Eric Fritz (916) 732-5988

(1)  Contracted to review damage to Headquarters buildings from a fault at their nearby East City Substation

(2)  Developed a grounding and electrical protection design from power induction and East City Substation for over 100 telephones from damage after every fault

(3)  East City Substation has had many major faults since and there has been no further damage to any communications equipment

uuu)     DuPont Louisville Works, 4200 Camp Ground Road, Louisville, KY/Contact Mr. Tom Boyle (502) 775-3174

(1)  Lightning Protection and Grounding of the VF Tower and Building, developed a test procedure

(2)  Coauthored a Lightning Protection Standard

vvv)     Verizon Wireless, 500 W. Dove Road, MC 1A16, Southlake, TX 76092/Contact Mr. William McCoy (682) 831-3163, Mobile PH: (817) 455-7933

(1)  Westminster Switch and Tower Site grounding and lightning protection assessment



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